We aim to introduce a new paradigm in the practice of agriculture in Nigeria, West Africa and the entire sub-Saharan Africa through the introduction of mechanized and industrial farming methods.

Most if West Africa’s food is grown by subsistence farmers using archaic farming methods. Hence, poor yield and low volume of processed harvest as there are inadequate and effective storage facilities.


The myriads of challenges confronting the agriculture sector in Africa ranges from poor supply of power and electricity, poor transport systems, poor infrastructure, the absence of public policy or framework to support the agriculture sector in most countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Laudo Limited’s competitive edge is the exposure to how the Agriculture sector is managed and operated in other developed nations of the world. We, however, intend to combine home grown solutions with global best practices to solve the challenges facing the Agriculture sector in Nigeria and sub-saharan Africa.


Laudo Limited will pioneer a new order in the way food is grown, stored, processed and transported for consumption in localities by employing new digital paradigms without relegating local solutions to the background.