Nigeria’s burgeoning real estate sector boasts a potential N6.4 trillion in revenue according to a January 2015 report by CBO Capital. This is due to the rise in Nigeria’s population and its concomitant increase in accommodation demands.

The sector has a potential to boost employment figures as it provides opportunities for job seekers in its multifaceted industry with the capacity to employ thousands, if not millions, of job seekers.


Real Estate is a germane aspect of infrastructure, housing and tourism sectors which are also money spinners in any economy.

Nigeria is not New to the challenges facing the real estate sector,with lack of funding as paramount. The success of the real estate sector in most advanced countries of the world has been the result of a synergy of the private enterprises and public parastatals. The same solution can be employed to tackle Nigeria’s housing deficit.


Laudo Limited is positioned as a strong partner in the alliance to solve the myriad of challenges facing Nigeria’s real estate industry and pioneering the evolution of real estate in Nigeria and Africa, into the development of smart homes and smart cities for the comfort of our ever growing population of citizens.